Living Resources’ Rensselaer and Columbia County Community Opportunities Program officially drew the summer season to a close in high fashion by holding a collaborative end-of-summer bash which they called an “End of Summer Soirée!”

What’s the recipe for a Living Resources Soirée? You start with a lovely setting and add equal parts of dancing and a lunch buffet. Next, you fold in enthusiastic party-goers and sprinkle a touch of romance. Blend for a few hours and watch the magic happen.

The Albany Shaker Heritage Society was kind enough to offer their beautiful barn space for the occasion so everyone could party the day away. If it’s a dance, you’re going to need music, right? Never fear- program participant Ted Cioffi was the D.J. and got the room rocking in no time.

The participants had such an amazing time and were all calling it “The Prom.” One of the participants said, “This is better than my real prom! This is one of the best days of my life!”

What’s a prom without Cupid’s bow flying throughout the room? Love blossomed as a participant from Columbia County asked a Rensselaer DCOP participant to be his girlfriend. The couple met at a previous BBQ and they hit it off spectacularly so no one was surprised when her response was a resounding YES!

Thanks to the staff of our Rensselaer and Columbia County Community Opportunities Program and all who were involved in making this End of Summer Soirée a smashing success. We look forward to all that the fall will bring for our Living Resources Family.