Calling Ed Brennan an avid cyclist is an understatement. Ed has been using his vacation breaks to attempt a solo cycling journey from the Northeast corner of the States to the Southeast tip. As of 2021 he had succeeded in pedaling from Maine to Washington, D.C. Last September, Ed planned on taking Amtrak to DC riding his bike from there through North Carolina. Hurricane Ida wiped out train travel, so Ed pedaled from his Albany driveway as far as Southeast Virginia.

Now, Ed is back to finish what he started. He will begin in Williamsburg, Virginia, on April 1, 2022, he aims to reach his destination of Key West, Florida by early May. His journey is self-supported and self-directed, meaning that there is no nearby assistance, oversight, or set directions apart from Ed’s own will.

The only thing more expansive than his will to complete this quest is his love for his daughter, Kelsey. Kelsey, a 33-year-old woman with developmental disabilities is a member of the Living Resources family. She lives in one of our residences, attends our Site-Based Day Program, and takes classes in our Arts Program. Her work has been featured in Living Resources events over the years.

Ed has decided to metaphorically bring Kelsey along with him to complete his journey, dedicating this leg of his journey to raising awareness of Living Resources and our Arts Program. During this year’s trip, he will be encouraging people to sponsor him by the mile and accepting straight donations, with all proceeds going to Living Resources. He will give us updates along his route which will be posted on this event page.

Stay tuned to see where we’ll find Ed next!