Abigail Censabella is a 2022 College Experience student with plans for her future career. During her internship placements, Abby had much success exploring opportunities in the field of child care. She started working for Capital Milestones daycare center as a floater and support aid for the lead teachers where she was often praised for her professionalism and eagerness to learn and take on new tasks. This valuable experience helped her develop a goal to work with older children and become an assistant teacher.

Throughout the job development process with her Living Resources Employment Specialist, she advocated her desire to work in a before- and after-school program. She applied to three different programs in the Albany area and two of those programs offered her a job, giving her an opportunity to choose the setting she felt more aligned with. Ultimately, she chose the School’s Out program in Delmar where she has been since early September. Abby has expressed how much she enjoys this new environment. She continues to thrive and grow as a professional in her field, receiving positive feedback from her coworkers and the team lead. Her plan for the fall and winter is to invest additional time into taking an online certificate course for Childhood Development to further build her knowledge and skills.

Living Resources’ College Experience is a two-year, noncredit, post-secondary college program hosted on the campus of The College of Saint Rose. This program is designed to teach young adults with disabilities to live independently and maintain competitive employment while having the chance to be a college student.

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