Friends new and old recently gathered at the Regency Park Apartments to celebrate a meaningful milestone in Alice Brocci’s life. Alice has been receiving supportive services from Living Resources for 20 years and chose to celebrate with everyone who has supported her over those two decades.

Alice’s Living Resources journey started with our Day Community Opportunities Program in Rensselaer County when she was 21 and living at home. She then took part in the College Experience, moving into the dorms and learning new skills. Next, it was on to enjoying her own apartment with the assistance of our Supportive Living Program. Each step brought her new levels of independence. Reflecting on just how far she’s come, Alice said, “I’ve made a lot of progress. I was really quiet and had bad anxiety. I had a hard time speaking up for myself.” Direct Support Professionals helped her gain confidence, practicing self-advocacy skills in small groups and in real-life situations. Alice is proud that she is now able to do her own laundry, cook healthy meals, and is happily employed at McDonalds.

Since 1974, Living Resources has been dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities or other life-challenging conditions to live with dignity, independence, and happiness, growing to their fullest potential, in the manner they determine. We cannot do it alone! When friends like YOU embrace our mission and become our partners, YOU guarantee that individuals like Alice live their most independent life! Click here to donate. Thank You!