Katie Kelly, who receives support from Living Resources, certainly has reason to celebrate. Her success at Price Chopper/ Market 32 over the past 30 years speaks for itself.

As Jacquie Slater of WNYT – TV reported, “In a store with more than 200 employees, Katie Kelly is one of a kind.” More of Ms. Slater’s story is presented below:

“Born with an intellectual disability, her family says Katie has defied the odds since the day she was born. She thrives on her routines. She loves people and helping others. Katie’s sister and guardian is Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly. When Meg posted a picture marking Katie’s big anniversary, the well wishes poured in. ‘A lot of people know me, but even more people know Katie Kelly from Price Chopper. I put that post up we had over a thousand likes, and we got 250 comments that were just beautiful,’” Meg said.

“A 2018 study by the bureau of labor statistics showed on average a person spends just over four years at a job. Katie proves everyday she’s way above average. In fact, she’s a superstar with no plans of retiring anytime soon. ‘I love my coworkers,’ Katie said. ‘Because I get along with them really well. I get along with everybody here very well.’”

Lindsey Ryan, the manager of Katie’s residence summed up everyone’s feelings regarding Katie’s newly found fame by saying, “We’re all so excited for her, I actually cried!”

We congratulate Katie on her auspicious anniversary and her well- earned fame!

Thanks to Jacquie Slater for this amazing story! Click here for the full WNYT story.