Contact Information

Since joining Living Resources in April 2021, Lucy Olive has proven herself as a valuable asset to the organization, contributing to the organization’s success in her role as Director of Payroll through her experience, education, and commitment to excellence.

Lucy earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University, equipping her with a strong foundation in business principles. Complementing her undergraduate education, she later pursued her MBA from the University of Phoenix. With a wealth of experience in payroll, Lucy’s proficiency stems from years of hands-on involvement in the field, previously working for companies, such as General Electric, in finance and payroll for more than 20 years.

Originally from the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York, Lucy’s journey brought her to the Capital Region in 2005. Beyond her professional achievements, Lucy finds joy in pursuing her culinary passions. In her free time, she channels her creativity into cooking and baking, producing delightful creations in the kitchen. Additionally, she embraces an active lifestyle, often seen running around and spending time with her children.