“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” —Louis “Lou” Holtz

Ability, Motivation, and Attitude – Vinique Genre has it all. She works with her whole heart as a dedicated employee of Dunkin Donuts, having just celebrated her 2-year anniversary. Her success comes from her hard work, positivity, and collaboration with Living Resources’ Employment Services.

Vinique began this journey as a loyal Dunkin customer who dreamed of being a Dunkin employee. Enter Living Resources’ Employment Specialist Koryn Shear who knows that “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” (~Greg Reid.) Koryn created the necessary steps to help Vinique realize her dream.  Together, they filled out paperwork, prepared for her interview, and even shopped for the needed items. After Vinique’s interview, Koryn followed up with Dunkin regularly, helped with the hiring process and supported Vinique through the first few months.

From there, Lori Ira jumped in to support Vinique as her job coach, helping Vinique learn each new job task to a point of excellence. Lori has seen much professional growth in Vinique as she has learned these new job tasks and navigated life as an essential worker during this pandemic.

Over these past two years, Vinique has been true to her passion, becoming well versed in every aspect of her position. Not only does she run the register, take orders for customers, make coffees and drink orders, and prep food for sandwiches, she also stocks merchandise, supports the drive thru, and cleans the dishes and the serving areas. And she does it all with her signature smile!

Recently, a customer left an amazing review of Vinique’s exemplary customer service. The customer stated “The woman who waited on me provided ABOVE AND BEYOND one of the best customer experiences I have ever had in my 59 years! Friendly, professional, VERY POSITIVE ATTITUDE! She spoke respectfully to her co-workers. Indicated that she wanted to give me my money’s worth for my chai … I told her that she gave me my money’s worth with her positive attitude alone. I personally go to Starbucks which is next door but they weren’t open yet and I had a 2- hour road trip ahead of me and I wanted a hot beverage for the trip. Everything happens for a reason. Starbucks being closed … gave me the opportunity to interact with a phenomenal Dunkin Employee.”

We are thankful to Koryn for helping Vinique begin her career at Dunkin and for Lori for her dedication to supporting Vinique on her chosen path. We are proud of Vinique throughout all her growth and many achievements and we wish her continued success as she lives out her dream. As Koryn said, “I am so proud of her dedication to her job and drive to be successful. The site is also incredibly supportive. I love it when things fall together so seamlessly.” Special thanks go out to Dunkin for working with Living Resources to make the dream of employment for individuals with disabilities a reality.

Since 1985, Living Resources’ Employment Program has sought to assist individuals with disabilities pursue meaningful career opportunities. Its Career Counselors and Employment Specialists provide one-on-one assistance to facilitate the process of preparing for, securing, and maintaining competitive employment.

Our mission is to help individuals achieve independence and self-sufficiency by ensuring individualized supports are provided on the job site. In an effort to further this mission, we’ve forged partnered with scores of businesses across the Capital Region, helping both the individual become a part of a diverse and inclusive workforce while helping business to meet their respective needs. The Employment Department currently serves about 200 youth and adults throughout the Capital Region and continues to grow each year.

For more information, visit our Employment Services page: https://livingresources.orgservices/employment-services/