Dozens of dedicated employees who have been working at Living Resources for 10 to 15 years were honored on December 5, 2023 with tasty food, drinks, and a holiday gift of a green zip-up sweatshirt adorned with the Living Resources logo.

A breakfast and happy hour were hosted at the office on Washington Avenue Extension in Albany, giving those who have honed their skills for more than a decade the chance to meet, mingle, and share stories.

CEO Elizabeth Martin was on hand, taking time to speak one-on-one with as many people as possible. She wanted to know what made these longtime employees so committed to their work at Living Resources.

Overwhelmingly, employees said they do what they do because of the individuals that they support and have grown to deeply care for over the years. They shared stories of high-fives, conversations, exchanged compliments, and welcome routines. They said these kinds of heart-felt moments of genuine human connection are things they could have never gotten from a corporate job or a role in a different industry.

“Many of these members of the Living Resources family have filled multiple roles over their many years in our organization. They’ve learned new skills and taken on challenges, all with the goal of providing support to others” says Elizabeth “I cannot thank them enough for all that they do.”

Congratulations to you all on a job incredibly well-done! We are so lucky to have you on our team.

Joseph Baranowski Scharry Ford Kathleen Quinn
Sonja Bell Wayne Germany Debra Reese
Tammy Bell June Green Cynthia Reinhardt
Suzanne Bernier Mike Keane Carla Rodrigues
John Breitenbach Bill Lynch Judi Savacool
Deserene Carroll Vincent Mascardi Darlene Sears
Mack Cattell David Massa Amanda Spickerman
Edith Chase Henrietta Moore Deborah Stanfield
Michael Daiute Jeffrey Morse Michelle Summerlin-Yergan
Roxanne Delfavero Rochaun Ninstant Darlene Sylvester
Brandi DeMeo Scott Nissen David Thomas
Colleen Dergosits Dan O’Rourke James Ulrich
Michael Dillon Crystal Pease Aretha Williams
Carlene Dorman Johanna Perez Christine Wing
Tex Farrugia Rebecca Peters Tieenna Yates