A beautiful breakfast buffet was laid out at our Albany office to thank team members who work in that building for all that they do day-in and day-out. Bagels, eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit, coffee, and juice were available for all to enjoy.

Our Albany office staff works behind the scenes, focused on keeping our organization running smoothly! They specialize in things like management, planning, finances, development, quality assurance, human resources, payroll, training, IT, and maintenance of our buildings and vehicles.

We are deeply appreciative of their skill, drive, and dedication to the individuals we support and our nonprofit’s mission of empowerment.

The breakfast was organized by our Staff Appreciation Committee. Members worked hard on every detail and we thank them for hosting such a successful get-together. It was wonderful to see so many members of the Living Resources family gathered to socialize and enjoy a morning meal!

A large group is gathered for breakfast
Decorated tables have serving trays of food, juice, coffee, and a sign that says "Line Starts Here" on them.
Collage shows people seated at tables eating breakfast