During this holiday season of thankfulness, we introduce you to Molly. Molly is a participant in our Brain Injury Program and says her injury saved her life. She means those words deeply. Molly suffered an aneurysm and had to be rushed to the hospital for brain surgery. She lives with the aftermath but feels that if that sudden medical emergency had never happened, she might not be alive today.

I was going down a really bad road before,” she explains, “I was drinking too much, doing drugs and stuff, so in that sense, having a brain injury brought me back to my family and got me back to seeing what was important in my life.”

To Molly, those important things are the people she loves and her own happiness. Today she has found her path forward and a level of independence that she is proud of. Molly is living in her own apartment and says she is grateful to all the people who’ve worked with her and supported her over the years, helping her get to this point. Molly says in her six years with Living Resources her confidence has grown and she has found community, meeting others who have overcome challenges similar to the ones she has faced.

For almost 50 years, Living Resources has worked to support individuals with disabilities and other life-challenging conditions to live with dignity, independence, and happiness. We cannot do it alone. We need friends like YOU to help us empower individuals like Molly so they can thrive beyond what even they thought was possible!  

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