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Residential Services

The Residential Program provides support to individuals living in a variety of group or individual settings. Staff support varies from 24 hour/7days a week to as little as 2 hours a week based on consumer need and ability. Our total number of staff is 330 employees (270 full-time and 60 part-time). Our residential sites offer a home-like environment while also providing group learning experiences and development of skills in daily living. In addition, our residential program assists consumers with accessing community services and recreational activities. Types of Residential Sites:

Supervised Individual Residential Alternative (IRA)

There are currently thirty-two (32) sites in the Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga and Rennselaer Counties) and one in Westchester County that provide 24 hour per day support. Presently, we serve 180 consumers in twenty-four (24) hour per day sites in our Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) program. The IRA operation is based upon a plan specific to each of the individuals and his/her needs. The plan includes the level of oversight/support needed for the individual while in the home and community.

Supportive IRA

The Supportive IRA provides residential services and support to individuals residing in his/her own apartment. In this program, the individuals receive between 2-15 hours of staff support per week. Individuals residing in our supportive IRA program must be able to independently recognize an emergency and contact emergency personnel (agency and non-agency), administer his or her own medications, utilize community transportation, and manage personal funds. We presently serve fifty-three (53) individuals in fifty-two (52) apartments.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)

The Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) is a residence that is certified and regulated by OMRDD under Part 681 of the Mental Hygiene Code. This type of residence is often considered one-step above a skilled nursing facility.

The ICF is highly regulated and closely monitored by both NYS policies and federal standards. Each ICF is strongly focused on “active treatment” initiatives that are provided on a 24/7 basis. Such active treatment involves thorough documentation standards that note each individual’s daily goals and activities as based on a comprehensive functional assessment.

Most of our ICF’s are provided with enhanced staffing to serve consumers who require health/nursing interventions due to physical or medical needs, or clinical interventions due to behavioral challenges.

There are currently 7 ICF programs serving 53 consumers. Six of these ICF's are located in the Capital Region, and there is one in Westchester County.

Family Care Services

Family Care Services are provided by individuals in the community whose private homes are certified as residential options for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Community Habilitation

The Community Habilitation program provides assistance to adults and children throughout the Capital Region who live in the community, either in their own homes or in home of a family member. Our staff assists individuals to achieve defined goals based on independence, integration, socialization and productivity.

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