Meet James Hall ….  In 2016, James began his career with Living Resources as a Direct Support Professional and now is a house manager.

Here is James’ story.

I was raised by my grandmother who told me I was going to be a leader one day. She told me to always be passionate, always give back, always care for people, and love more than hate. My grandmother had a stroke and later passed away. In 2016, after her passing, I came here from Long Island to buy her house, but when I got here, it had already been sold. It bothered me, but guess what? I found a career at Living Resources.

My cousin was working at Living Resources, she encouraged me to apply and I’m so glad she did! It’s about growth here – when you’re ready and if you want to, advancement opportunities are available. For my story, I started as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). While working as a DSP, I was encouraged to get more experience so I became a medical assistant. Once I mastered that, I felt that I was equipped with the skills needed to be an assistant manager, so I interviewed and got the position. Shortly after I was made an assistant manager, one of the directors here inspired me to become a manager. During the COVID crisis, we needed extra staff to work in the houses. Guess who took on some of those shifts? The director of the program. She went in there to do the work. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be a manager. Who wouldn’t want to work for someone like that? I became a manager to make her job easier. Now I get to manage the house, bring more love and lift everyone up.

Living Resources is the best place to be! Living Resources doesn’t feel like a job, it’s more of a family. The individuals I work with are very loving and caring. They are just like family members. Some need more attention than others, but they are all great. I love the freedom. We get to spend the day getting out of the house and having fun with the individuals. You want to take them to a baseball game? You can! Take them out for ice cream? You can do it! I also love the leadership. If you need support, you will get it here. If you have a problem, they are here to help.

I love my job because I get to do what my grandmother taught me. I get to be passionate, give back, help people, and uplift spirits.

I love my job. I love Living Resources!